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Low Power Optical Microscopy

To perform low power optical microscopy, we utilize a Nikon SMZ stereo zoom optical microscope for its excellent low magnification optical technology. There are a number of attributes which make this ..

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High Power Reflected Optical Microscopy

High power optical microscopy is performed with an Olympus BX60 high power compound optical microscope body. Known and recognized for its Y shaped design the BX series of Olympus microscopes offer sup..

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Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)

Scanning acoustic microscopy is generally utilized to examine the integrity the presents of internal interfaces. This tool has applications in the Microelectronics, Power & Energy, Automotive, Mil..

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Area Defined Backside Preparation

As integrated circuit technologies shrink and metal layers increase the density of the integrated circuit layouts negatively impacting efficacy of typical fault isolation techniques. Photons generated..

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Area Defined Die Thinning

Under specialized cases, rather than globally thinning a semiconductor substrate it is desirable to thin an isolated defined area of the semiconductor substrate. Some cases where this technique might ..

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Package Decapsulation

The first step in microelectronic die level fault isolation is the destructive step of microelectronic package decapsulation. For clarification, the term destructive refers to a procedural step where ..

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Photon Emission Microscopy

Photon emission microscopy (PEM) is a fault isolation technique which, like many analytical techniques, is recognized by various names and acronyms. The moniker photon emission microscopy is synonymou..

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Externally Induced Voltage Alteration (XIVA)

Eternally induced voltage alteration (XIVA™) is a very effective laser injection fault isolation technique used to localize ohmic type defects and damage. XIVA™ is effective in localizing the foll..

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Lock‐in Amplifier Augmented XIVA

Lock-in augmented XIVA significantly improves the sensitivity of the system through the implementation of a lock-in amplifier. The lock-in amplifier modulates the laser signal while sampling the outpu..

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Soft Defect Localization (SDL)

Soft defect localization (SDL) is an advanced fault isolation technique used to isolate functional failures induced by ohmic related defects, damage, or degradation. SDL would be applied when a failur..

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Optical Beam Induced Current (OBIC)

Optical beam induced current (OBIC) is a laser signal fault isolation technique used to isolate defects and damage in semiconductor materials. OBIC is effective in isolating failure mechanisms related..

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Lock‐in Amplifier Augmented OBIC

This technique conditions the OBIC signal through a lock‐in amplifier significantly improving the signal‐to‐noise ratio and the overall detection capabilities of the system. This technique is ca..

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Laser Assisted Device Alteration (LADA)

Laser assisted device alteration (LADA) is an advanced laser injection fault isolation technique utilized when static fault isolation techniques are not successful in isolation a failure mechanism. LA..

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